What’s new

Version 2.21.0

  • Laravel 10 support!
  • Improved stub-views Artisan command

Version 2.20.0

  • Added ls:page Artisan command to stub out a new page
  • Set default DateTime string format in config
  • Set DateTime format in Field class
  • Empty date time fields from Storyblok are cast to empty strings

Version 2.19.0

  • Updated Storyblok\Client to 2.3.0
  • Added support for language and fullback language

Version 2.18.0

  • Fixed: stub-views command now skips tabs
  • Added: stub-views command now uses Block class for $block typehint in Blade if it exists
  • Added: stub-views command now adds transform() default code for images
  • Added: $_defaults property to Block class
  • Added: Artisan commend for making folders
  • Folder’s can now have their cache-key prefix set
  • Folders sort order and field can now be separately set
  • Folders have asc() and desc() methods for setting sort order
  • Folders have toArray() method
  • Many folder methods now return $this for chaining
  • Updated Embed/Embed to version 4

Version 2.17.0

  • Added the ability to specify the class to be used when resolving related stories.
  • Class properties have had type added - any classes that extend these classes will need to be updated to match. For example if you’re using protected $_resolveRelations = ['something] you’ll need to change it to protected array $_resolveRelations = ['something].

Version 2.16.0

Version 2.15.0

Many of the Artisan commands for managing Stories and Components have been moved to their own package. The commands for generating code (Block classes) specific to the Laravel Storyblok package are still available in the core package.

Version 2.14.0

This update extracts certain functionality into external packages to keep the core purer. The CssClasses and AppliesTypography traits have been moved and need to be installed separately if required.

  • Moved AppliesTypography to its own package
  • Moved CssClasses to its own package
  • Added fieldsReady() method to blocks called after fields are processed but before any self initialising traits are called
  • Ignition updated to Spatie version

Version 2.13.0

  • Updated Storyblok php client to v2.2, this had the effect of moving from v1 to v2 of their content API. This should be a seemless upgrade
  • Updated to Storyblok Richtext Renderer v2
  • Added support for selecting Storyblok API region in the config file

Version 2.12.0

  • The config setting component_class_namespace now correctly checks multiple namespaces before loading package defaults
  • 2.12.1 Added renderUsing() to Blocks
  • 2.12.2 Added ‘auto’ to image transformations
  • 2.12.5 Added hasChildBlock() to Blocks
  • 2.12.6 Added ls:import and ls:export artisan commands

Version 2.11.0

  • Add with() method to Fields allowing data to be passed in
  • Block’s render() method can now take an array of additional data that is passed to the view
  • Folderss no longer default to 10 stories - they will load the maximum possible Set $perPage = 10 on your folders to restore the old functionality

Version 2.10.0

  • Folders now support pagination out-of-the-box
  • 2.10.5 The Storyblok API is now called using SSL by default - can be changed in config file
  • 2.10.5 Image field focal-point alignment CSS helper

Version 2.9.0

  • The Storyblok publish webhook now fires the Riclep\Storyblok\Events\StoryblokPublished event allow you to hook into this functionality

Version 2.8.0

  • Support for the new Storyblok image service URL format
  • Image transformations now use a driver class meaning more services can be supported

Version 2.7.0

  • Upgraded to CommonMark 2.0
  • 2.7.3 Added srcset() method to images to create <img> tag using your transformations
  • 2.7.4 Unpublished relations no longer 404

Version 2.6.0

  • Live preview of changes in the visual editor!
  • Removed old ‘live field’ support as it didn’t work well

Version 2.5.0

  • Added support components in Rich text Fields
  • 2.5.16 Added ls:stub-views command to scaffold Blade files for each component
  • 2.5.22 Create picture elements directly in Blade

Version 2.4.0

Version 2.3.0

  • Legacy images are converted into Image classes.
  • Tables Fields can now have a caption and CSS class specified.
  • 2.3.2 Added support for clearing cache via the Storyblok Publish webhook. This means the Editor Bridge Blade view has had the JavaScript publish event removed.

Version 2.2.0

Version 2.1.0

  • Added support for the live preview in the visual editor

  • Table fields are now automatically converted to HTML

Version 2.0.0

  • A complete rewrite of the entire package
  • Added new Field classes (previously everything was a Block)
  • Automatically detect common field types such as richtext and assets and convert them into the appropiate format.
  • Remove the need to manually specify markdown and richtext fields
  • Lots of tweaks and bug fixes

Version 1.2.0

  • Blocks now have a parent() method which returns the parent Block or Page if you’re on the root Block
  • Blocks have a page() method returning the Page the block is part of
  • Added Schema.org support using Spatie’s Schema.org package
  • Full Page object is now passed to views

Version 1.1.0

  • Blocks now have a _compontentPath array which includes the current and all parent components. This enables you to work out the context of the current Block.
  • New CssClassses trait that can be used to generated css classes for the current Block, the layout it’s in, it’s parent Blocks etc.
  • Traits added to Blocks can be auto-initialised