Class properties have had type added - any classes that extend these classes will need to be updated to match. For example if you’re using protected $_resolveRelations = ['something] you’ll need to change it to protected array $_resolveRelations = ['something].

2.13.0 -> 2.14.0

If you use either the AppliesTypography or CssClasses traits these have been moved to separate packages and must be installed and the namespace updated. see:

2.9.0 -> 2.10.0

Folders have been reworked with the stories now sitting under the stories property. They also now support pagination.

@foreach ($news->stories as $article)
    {{ $article->title }}

{!! $news->paginate()->links() !!}

2.8.0 -> 2.9.0

If you are using the default package webhook handler this functionality has changed to use Laravel events. Make sure you register this in your App\Providers\EventServiceProvider.

use Riclep\Storyblok\Events\StoryblokPublished;
use Riclep\Storyblok\Listeners\ClearCache;

 * The event listener mappings for the application.
 * @var array
protected $listen = [
    StoryblokPublished::class => [
    StoryblokUnpublished::class => [

2.7.0 -> 2.8.0

The updated image transformation service requires you to define a transformer in the Storyblok config file. The default transformer is Riclep\Storyblok\Support\ImageTransformers\Storyblok which uses the new image service URLs. To use your own set the config image_transformer key.

The meta() width and height details have been removed from image fields as each transformer will offer different features. Image field contains a width() and height() methods which will check the transformer for values or the image if not transformed.

Two config keys have been renamed with underscores for consistency: live-preview -> live_preview and live-element -> live_element. The package template files have been updated but any custom files will need amending.

2.5.0 -> 2.6.0

To enable live preview support include the latest laravel-storyblok::editor-bridge in your view and adding the required wrapping element and configuration options.

2.3.1 -> 2.3.2

Set up the publishing webhook as specified in the installation instructions. Removed the JavaScript published event from the Editor Bridge Blade view.

2.2.0 -> 2.3.0

Legacy image fields are now converted to Image classes.

2.1.0 -> 2.2.0

The $casts property on Blocks has been renamed to $_casts to reduce the likelihood of clashing with field names.