Laravel Storyblok Typography Helpers

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A packaging to use the power of PHP-Typography to make your content sing and look the best it can.


Install the package using Composer

composer require riclep/laravel-storyblok-typography

Applying typography

To use the typographic features your Block must use the AppliesTypography trait. This exposes a couple of new properties and methods. Add an $applyTypography property to your class with an array of the fields. This will run PHP-Typography over all the chosen fields using some sensible defaults.


namespace App\Storyblok\Blocks;

use Riclep\Storyblok\Block;
use Riclep\StoryblokTypography\Traits\AppliesTypography;

class TypoCat extends Block
    use AppliesTypography;

    // the fields to apply typographic fixes to
    private array $applyTypography = ['cats_name', 'biography'];

Customising the settings

You don’t have to use our settings, you can supply your own. Create a new TypographySettings() instance and apply the settings you want then pass it to the setTypographySettings() method on the Block.


namespace App\Storyblok\Blocks;

use Riclep\Storyblok\Block;
use Riclep\StoryblokTypography\Traits\AppliesTypography;
use PHP_Typography\Settings as TypographySettings;

class TypoKitten extends Block
    use AppliesTypography;

    private array $applyTypography = ['cats_name', 'biography'];

    // called after fields have been processed but before the trait is initialised
    public function fieldsProcessed() {
        $settings = new TypographySettings();


PHP-Typography supports a range of enhancements and features including:

  • Hyphenation — over 50 languages supported
  • Space control, including:
    • widow protection
    • gluing values to units
    • forced internal wrapping of long URLs & email addresses
  • Intelligent character replacement, including smart handling of:
    • quote marks (‘single’, “double”)
    • dashes ( – )
    • ellipses (…)
    • trademarks, copyright & service marks (™ ©)
    • math symbols (5×5×5=53)
    • fractions (1⁄16)
    • ordinal suffixes (1st, 2nd)
  • CSS hooks for styling:
    • ampersands,
    • uppercase words,
    • numbers,
    • initial quotes & guillemets.

{info} To discover all the possible options check out the PHP-Typography package.