Storyblok comes with it’s own image transformation service. Currently we don’t have any special support for this (it is a planned feature) but you can easily implement a simple solution such as the following:


namespace App\Storyblok;

use Riclep\Storyblok\Block;

class DefaultBlock extends Block
     * @param $image the url of the image to transform
     * @param $param the transformation to apply
     * @return string
    protected function transfromImage($image, $param) {
        $imageService = '//';
        $resource = str_replace('//', '', $image);
        return $imageService . $param . $resource;

Now within your Blocks you can make methods that call the image service:


namespace App\Storyblok\Blocks;

use App\Storyblok\DefaultBlock;

class Hero extends DefaultBlock
    // call as a method - $block->mobileImage()
    public function mobileImage() {
        return $this->transfromImage($this->image, '800x0');

    // or as an accessor - $block->small_hero
    public function getSmallHeroAttribute() {
        return $this->transfromImage($this->image, '200x0/filters:quality(10)');

Full details of the image transformation service are on the Storyblok website.